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Welcome to the Czech Republic

Šumava is the Czech name for the Bohemian Forest. The Šumava region is one of the most beautiful regions in the Czech Republic and is a great holiday destination for lots of activities.

We hope that our enthusiasm about the Šumava region will convince you to spend your next vacation here. Possibly this website can contribute to your pleasurable anticipation for your vacation in the Czech Republic!


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Who we are

This website is made by a couple of enthusiasts of the Šumava area. For years now we have enjoyed the beauty of the area and we want to share this with the rest of the world.

We are not a tourist organisation and we not affiliated with any official institution situated in the area. We are however willing to help you with the information presented on this website but are not able to provide you with any brochures.

Gate to the National Park Šumava



This website describes not only the direct vicinity of the Šumava National Park but also the region around it. We present to you the most beautiful villages and interesting places of the surrounding "Okres" on this website.

The Czech Republic is very centrally located in Europe. Its biggest national park is a wunderful place to go hiking, cycling, horseback riding and for water sports.

In the winter the Šumava region has great facilities for downhill and cross country skiing.

You will be pleasanty surprised by the lovely villages, impressive castles, and interesting musea.

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