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Buy a second house

This is a dream of a lot of people. Some experienced visitors of the Czech Republic have chosen to buy a house in their favorite holiday destination.
If you spend a lot time in the Czech Republic this could be a very attractive option.

The prices of houses are much lower in the Czech Republic compared to the prices in most other European countries. The prices are getting a bit higher now and they will probably be on the rise for a couple of years as the Czech economy is on a rise also. This is very interesting for people who see their second house as an investment too.

The prices of houses differ a lot, but you can expect to buy a large detached house for less then a very small apartment in any town in Great Britain, France or Germany. It can be a bit cheaper if you want to buy an old house and do the renovation yourself. This is only interesting if you have a lot of spare time.

landschap_1.jpgMost owners of a second house are renting out there second home if they are not staying over themselves. This way they will get an extra income on their investment. They mostly rent out to travelers from their own country because it is very easy to communicate in your own language as opposed to rent a house from a Czech who does not speak English.

There are some foreign real estate agents working in the Czech Republic. They can help you out if you decide to buy a house in the Czech Republic.

Please note that in the Czech Republic it is common to have the same house for sale at several real estate agents. The foreign real estate agents usually ask more provision for the same house compared to their Czech colleagues.

A good advice is to be properly prepared before you buy a house in another country; this advice is also good advice for the Czech Republic. A good starting point is the Czech forum. There are a lot of experienced forum members who can give you advice.