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Bílá Strž

bila_strz_1.jpgThe natural reserve Bílá Strž is well known for its identical named waterfall. It is part of the National Park, Narodni Park, Šumava and contains 97 Ha. The natural reserve is established in the past to protect the 14 m. waterfall and the beautiful valley in which it lies.

The walls of the valley are still covered with the remnants of the primeval forest. This area is a very well preserved part of nature and worth a visit from every nature lover and photographer.

You can visit the waterfall by following the red marked hiking route from Špícák or from Černé Jezero. This is a walk of about 4 to 5 kilometers.

You can find the location of the waterfall on a map that you can find on the page of Železna Ruda.

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