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Ruins of the Helfenburk castle

helfenburk_l.jpgIn the second half of 14th century a monumental castle was founded by four brothers - lords of Rožmberks. Todays well preserved ruins of the castle Helfenburk are situated 5 km from the town Bavorov in the South Bohemian Region. It used to have great importance to guard villages and small towns on the Golden Path. The castle of lords of Rožmberks (also known as lords of the Rose) was abandoned at the beginning of 17 cen. The castle dominant part is round tower with nice views of the country. What a great experience could be to stay overnight at a castle yard if you get a castle warden permission.
Follow the blue path leading from Bavorov (6 km) to get to the ruins.

Opening hours: May - September, Thues.-Sun. 10:00h. - 17:00h., October - April, Sa. - Sun. 10:00h. - 17:00h. (It depends on weather. ).

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