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Canoeing on the Otava

reka_otava_1.jpg The Otava river resulted from a confluence of river Křemelná and Vydra in Čenkova Pila. The river is very popular because of boating which is depent on weather conditions. A flowing stream of river depens on a rainfall frequency and intensity at mountain brooks in Šumava.

The most extreme part of Otava is definitely upper stream by Čenkova Pila, that part is suitable to go boating only when flowing stream is higher e.g. spring comes or it´s rainy. The bottom line of boating is 75 cm on hydrograph in Rejštejn. That part of river is suitable only for experienced water sportmen and boats equipped to rough water.

Anyone can go boating with an uncovered boat slip only when flowing stream is higher in section of middle stream by Radešov.

Lower stream of Otava river by Sušice is changed to slight waves and anyone can go boating all the year when hydrograph is showing 30 cm in Sušice or 50 cm in Katovice.
One day boating trips for families with children can start by boating camp (by the railway station) in Sušice - go to Žichovice, Rabí (11 km); possibly to Horažďovice (21 km) through Žichovice (Rabí).

5 day trips from Sušice:
1. day: boating camp in Sušice ( by the reailway station) – Velké Hydčice (16 km)
2. day: Velké Hydčice – Katovice (camp in Otavský Ráj) (15 km)
4. day: Štěkeň – Putim (12 km) or Písek (18 km)
5. day: Putim – Vrcovice (9 km) or Písek – Vrcovice (7 km)
Attention for a weir in Křemelce in Strakonice - there is a danger.

Lower stream by Písek: if you go boating 20 km to Zvíkov castle, in the beginning you are boating on quiet river which is changed to rocky valley. Otava river flows into the Orlík dam on the Vltava river.

reka_otava_3.jpg Level of difficulty:

upper stream WW III, II and I from Čeňkova Pila - kamenný most (stone bridge)
stone bridge - Radešov
Visitor rules of NP Šumava are applicable for the section Čenkova Pila - Rejštejn. The Otava river borders to I. zone area of the National park Šumava. Please do not enter the left riverside in the NP. Boating time: 15.3. - 31.10. , 8.00 - 20.00 h.

middle stream ZW C, A from Radešov - Sušice

lower stream ZW C, A from Sušice - Horažďovice
from Horaždovice - Vojníkov
from Vojníkov - river mouth to Vltava

Popular stops during your boating trip: city of Sušice, Rabí castle, Prácheň castle ruins, city of Horažďovice (museum, castle), Střela castle, city of Strakonice, (museum, castle) city of Písek (stone bridge, historical centrum), royal castle of Zvíkov in Zvíkovské Podhradí.