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river_regen.jpgThe Regen is a river in Bavaria, Germany but it´s also located in Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic. The Grosser Regen, Řezná in Czech, starts in the Czech Republic at Pancíř hill and later it becomes the Schwarzer Regen at the confluence of two rivers (Kleiner Regen, Grosser Regen) in the historical city of Zwiesel. The river is 170 km long and flows into the Dunaj river in the city of Regensburg.

The difficulty levels for canoeing on the Regen river are:
Grosser Regen: Regenhütte – Eisenbahnerschwall 6 km WW I to II– (III-)
Schwarzer Regen: confluence – footbridge Bettmannsäge 7 km WW I–(II)
River mouth Schlossauer Ohe – Teisnach 11 km WW I, 8 km WW II

Schwarzer Regen can be boated according to the strict Visitor Rules of Bavaria. Boating conditions - (15.4. -15.6. 2011), 10.00 - 18.00 h., the bottom level of boating is limited by 62 cm, (16.6.-14.4.), 10.00 - 18.00 h., the bottom level of boating is limited by 58 cm. Never get off the boat at prohibited places of river. If you infridge the Visitior Rules, you will be punished by a fine penalty up to 5000 EUR.
It is necessary to find more info about river and wiers. It´s better to stop and carry your boat before the wiers and difficult parts.

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