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Tepla_Vltava_2.jpg Teplá Vltava (Warm Vltava) is upper stream of Vltava river. The Warm Vltava flows slowly from small village Lenora to wide and flat valley i.e. Vltava meadow (Vltavský luh) which is protected landscape area of Šumava National Park. The river flows in meandring river bed with many distributary channels and pools. Many species of fauna and flora are found here.

The Warm Vltava offers upper stream sections such as from

Borova Lada to Polka and from Lenora to Soumarský most. Both sections can be boated in most cases in spring and according to Visitor Rules in National Park of Šumava. River section from Lenora to Soumarský most is limited by the bottom level of boating which is 45 cm and more on on hydrograph. Number of boats is not limited in this case.

Level of difficulty:
section from Borová Lada – to Horní Vltavice WW I-II, boating time (15.3. - 31.5.), 8.00-18.00 h., boats such as canoes and kayaks
section from Horní Vltavice - to Lenora ZWC+
section from Lenora - to Pěkná ZWC, boating time (1.5.- 31.10.) only saturdays and sundays, 8.00 - 18.00 h., canoes and kayaks

Favourite stops on your boating trip: Walking tour from Lenora to Boubín hill, follow blue mountain path (approx. 10 km).