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uhlava.jpg River Úhlava springs at the west foot of Pancíř mountain and stands at a height of 1110 metres above sea level in Šumava, Protected Landscape Area. A face of river landscape at upper stream looks like rocky riverbed with 4-6 metres width, then the river becomes calm and broad by Janovice nad Úhlavou. Only if it´s spring or heavy rain there you can go boating on the upper and middle stream of Úhlava.
It´s a tradition to have water for public canoeing one day after canoeing race in September. The bottom level has to be at least 40 cm for upper stream.
The lower stream by Štěnovice is most popular, the water in the river speeds up, makes waves and look likes the mountain river. A canoeing on lower stream is possible almost all the year.

One day trips:
section from dam Nýrsko - to Janovice nad Úhlavou, 4- 5 hours.
section from Předenice - to Plzeň, 4 - 5 hours

Level of difficulty:
- upper stream - section from dam Nýrsko - to Janovice nad Úhlavou ZWC (WW I) / on hydrograph: St. Lhota: 35 cm, (approx. 17,6 km)

- midlle and lower stream - section from Janovice - to river mouth to Radbuza ZWC /on hydrograph: Štěnovice 60 cm, section from Přeštice - Štěnovice: 50 cm, (approx. 76 km)

favourite stops on your boating trip:
Janovice nad Úhlavou - ruins of fortress, Dolany - ruins of renessaince fortress of the 16th century, timbered village, Kokšín - ruins of stronghold to protect water system of Švihov Castle, Water Castle Švihov of 15th century, Renaissance Castle Lužany built in 16. century, Přeštice - baroque church, Dolní Lukavice - baroque castle with park, Štěnovice - baroque castle of 18th century and former monastery, city of Plzeň