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vydra_1.jpg The Vydra river begins at the confluence of the Modravský, the Roklanský and the Filipohuťský brooks. Its name is carried to the confluence with the Křemelná brook. A riverbed is long about 23 km and the river bears name because of the river otter occurence.
The Vydra river becomes one of the most beatiful rivers. You can see here a water scenery full of small water cascades and gigantic boulders.

Only if it´s spring or heavy rain there you can go boating on the upper and lower stream of Vydra. The river section Modrava - Antýgl can be boated according to the Visitor Rules in National Park of Šumava. That part of river is suitable only for experienced water sportsmen and boats equipped to rough water. If a hydrograph is changed to 100 cm, river terrain is much demanding. A minimum level is 75 cm and an optimal level can be 85 cm.

Level of difficulty:
upper stream: section from Modrava - to sec. Antýgl, level of diff. WW III., (approx. 1 hour), boating time: 15.3. - 31.5., 8:00 - 18:00 h., only Saturdays and Sundays, no level limitations, boats such as canoes and kayaks, more information at NP Sumava, Visitor Rules for Vydra. .

lower stream: section from Antýgl - to confluence with the Křemelná brook, level of diff. WW IV. - V.+. A boating is forbidden for the section Antýgl - Čenkova Pila. It belongs to first zone of Protected Landscape Area.