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Šumava is a very rural area with only a few bigger cities. Most of the area, nowadays the National Park, was during the communist regime a restricted area where nature could take it's free course. The result is a beautiful tranquil environment.

Šumava is however more than just nature. There are beautiful towns with many historical and cultural attractions.

Already during the middle ages the cities of Kašperské Hory, Vimperk and Prachatice were important cities along the gold trail. The city of Český Krumlov was since 1749 the primary residency for the House of Schwarzenberg. one of the most powerful aristocratic families of the country. In more resent history Emil Škoda became very important to the city of Pilsen for it's metal industry. But also on contemporary art Šumava has plenty to offer. The famous expresionist painter Egon Schiele lived in the southern part of Šumava for quit some time and has painted many views of the city of Český Krumlov.

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