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bechyne_l.jpgBechyně spa town lies about 25 km south west of the town of Tabor. The Bechyne spa is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. It is well known for traditional spa treatment by using natural peat from the nearby moors. Visitors to the town may visit many local tourist attractions, especially the renaissance Bechyne Chateau, a Rainbow bridge over the deep valley of the river Luznice or an unique sight is the Firemen/s Museum.

The most interesting sights are the castle complex and the late Gothic minster with its magnificent diamond vault. Hardly any remains have been preserved of the original 13th century castle, after the reconstruction under the Šternberks at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, the castle did not undergo any major reconstruction until the end of the 16th century when the castle was reconstructed into the Renaissance style by Petr Vok of Rožmberk.

Another notable sights is "The Bechyně rainbow" - the ferroconcrete bridge spanned over the deep valley of the river Lužnice. The rail bridge is fifty metres high, 203 m long and was completed in 1928.

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Campgrounds near Bechyně

Tourist information:

Infocentrum Bechyně
nám. T.G.Masaryka 5 391 65
tel:(+420) 381 213 822

Places of interest

5.2km: Ruins of Dobronice castle

The ruin of the Dobronice castle is situated 7 km from Bechyně, above the Lužnice river. Dobronice castle was built in the first half of the 14th century, in 1455 it was owned by Rožmberk family.

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5.6km: Židova strouha

The natural monument is located near the stream with the same name in the Táborská Pahorkatina Upland, about 2 km south of the town of Bechyně.

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8.4km: Stádlec bridge

The only Czech preserved chain bridge is a national culture monument. The bridge was constructed between 1847 - 1848 by South Bohemian industrialist Vojtěch Lanna. It used to be spanning the Vltava river, today it´s spanning Lužnice river.

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