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Český Krumlov

ceskykrumlov_1.jpg The city of Český Krumlov originates from the fortified buildings which in later times became part of the castle. Around the buildings grew, after the 13th century, the city.

The oldest part of the city, from about 1280, is the part called Latran in the lowest part of the castle. In this part the servants and the artisans of the castle used to live. It can be reached from the parking area just outside the inner city via a bridge with an impressive watchtower. When you walk further through narrow streets you will come to the market square. On this cosy little square you will find several restaurants and terraces. There are also several historic buildings, for instance the Renaissance city hall with arcades. Close by is the Church of St. Vitus from 1439 with its magnificent interior.

The old city has all the ingredients for fun shopping. You will find several shops with Bohemian glass, souvenir shops and great restaurants.

ceskykrumlov_2.jpgThe Upper Castle consists of buildings that were erected in different periods. The castle was reconstructed in the years 1575-1590. The present appearance originates from 1687. By a covered passage the castle is connected to the theater which was build in 1766. In the garden you will find the pavilion Bellaria and the Baroque riding school. Before the castle is nowadays an open air theater with a turnable stage. In the castle you will find an exposition with valuable pictures. The Minorite monastery dates from the year 1350; the church was rebuild in the 17th century in the Baroque style. The Clarisses nunnery is mainly build in Baroque style. The brewery which is part of the monastery dates from the year 1604.

North of Český Krumlov lies the mountain Klet(1083 meters). This mountain can be reached by chair lift from the lower station Krasetin, 2 km from the train station of Helubov. Also the Klet observatory is situated south of the top of mountain, it´s famous for its observations of minor planets and comets. More information on location and opening hours can be found on their website.

6 km north of Český Krumlov lies, in the hills of Blanský Les, the beautifully restored early Gothic monastery Zlátá Koruna. The name means Golden Crown. On the northern side is the Chapel of the Guardian Angels, the oldest preserved building of the monastery.

You can find more information on this excellent website about Český Krumlov.

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Tourist information:

Ceský Krumlov Infocentrum
Nám. Svornosti 2 38101
tel:(+420) 380 704 622

Places of interest

6.3km: Zlatá Koruna

Close to Český Krumlov lies the Cistercian monastery 'Zlatá Koruna', the Golden Crown.
The name 'Golden Crown' was given to the monastery because it has a thorn of the crown of thorns of Jesus in their possession. The monastery has been added to the national cultural inheritance list in 1995.

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6.6km: Blanský Les

Blanský Les has a surface of 21.235 Ha. and is a true paradise for outdoor activities. In 1990 the area has obtained the status of nature reserve and it stretches out over the districts České Budějovice, Český Krumlov and Prachatice. It is an area with a high ecological value in the lower parts of Šumava. The highest point is the mountain Klet with 1084 meters.

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9.2km: Ruins of Girl´s Stone

The Dívčí Kámen or Girl´s Stone medieval castle was built on a stony cliff above the confluence of the Křemžský Stream and the Vltava River. The castle was founded by the Rosenberg family in 1349

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18.6km: Devil´s wall

It is remarkable piece of geology and also protected landscape area next to the river Vltava between both the dams Lipno I. and Lipno II. Upon entering a steep canyon there is a large cliff of granite slabs to be found. In fact the Devil´s wall which is also called a stony sea, was made by a glacier during the Ice Age.

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