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blatna_1.jpgBlatná is a friendly little town with pleasant streets and cozy shops, but unfortunately, but unfortunately it´s marked by an unaesthetic urban development planning next to the historical city. The small city of Blatná was already mentioned in documents in the 13th century. The city originates in a reinforced fortification around which developed a town. The fortification later grew out to be a castle.

The city is also known as the "rose city". This is because of the old and strong tradition of cultivating roses by plant-breeder Jan Bohm. In the summer you can see and smell the beautiful flowers everywhere in a chateau park.

The most prominent part of the town is the Castle Blatná. The castle stands on the shore of the river the Lomnice. Originally the castle was surrounded by water but in the 19th century it was rebuild in the Gothic style and the castle-moat disappeared.


The park around the chateau Blatná is most impressive place in the city. It is open to public. Apart from water scenery the biggest attraction are the fallow deer with their spotted coat. The deer are free-roaming and friendly.

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Tourist information:

Blatná Infocentrum
J. P. Koubka 4
tel:383 420 300

Places of interest

18.5km: Castle Strakonice

This Gothic castle, originates from the late 12th century by the Bavor family of Strakonice. In 1243 a part of the castle was donated to the Order of the knights of St. John. Highlights are the church of St. Procope, a capitulary hall and a cloister with unique Gothic wall paintings. The tower Rumpál has a great view.

Address: Zámek 1, 38601 Strakonice | Opening hours Tu-Su 9:00h-16:00h.

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18.5km: Learning path Švanda dudák

About two hundred years ago lived in the vicinity of Strakonice very famous piper, named Švanda. The famous Czech playwriter J.K. Tyl wrote a play based on his life. You can step into the footsteps of Švanda in the 15 km. learning path in the vicinity of Strakonice.

Starting point: At the entrance of the castle of Strakonice.

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18.7km: Ruins of the Prácheň castle

The small ruins of Prácheň castle are situated at the top of the hill above the Otava river. Its role acted as the Slavonic fortified settlement and finished at the end of the 13th century.

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19.4km: Memorial Lety

The reverent area in Lety was on April 23, 1998 declared a cultural monument by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Here the prisoners of the determination camp in Lety are buried. There was a monument "To the Victims of Gipsy determination Camp in Lety" disclosed in 1995 as a memento. The determination camp itself does not exist anymore.

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