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susice_3.jpgThe name Sušíce is a remnant of the time that in this region gold was won en the gold dust was laid to dry, the verb "sušít". The small city lies picturesque in the valley of the river Otava at the foot of the mountain Svatobor (845 m.). In the old city center are several restored historical buildings.

Amongst them is the Renaissance city hall and the Church of St. Wencelas, which was dated originally from 1322. There is also an interesting 17th century Jewish cemetery.

When the gold mining was past its peak, a new form of industry developed in the 19th century, namely the manufacturing of safety matches. In the local museum, Muzeum Šumavy, you can find a permanent exhibition about the manufacturing of matches. There is a unique and magnificant collection of matchboxes. The museum is situated in the impressive house call Voprchovsky at the main square.

Sušice is a perfect starting point for several hikes. Popular is the walk to the top of the mountain Svatobor. The red marked route of 3,5 km. is steep and pretty enervating.

susice_1.jpgAnother hill in the vicinity that gives a beautiful view over the valley is the Anděla Strážce. On the top (557 m.) the Early-Baroque Chapel of the Guardian Angel was build in 1683. The chapel can be reached by a charming stairway which can be reached from Alšova, a side street of Palackého Ulice.

You can also make beautiful walks along the river the Otava.

When you have a day to spend and are in good shape, there is a wonderful marked route to Castle Kašperk.

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Tourist information:

Městké informační centrum Sušíce
Nám. Svobody 138 342 02

Places of interest

0.3km: High rope centre Sušice

High rope centre Sušice right on the riverside of Otava River offers you a remarkable experience making you break your limits and have great fun.

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2.3km: Svatobor observation tower

Snake trail leads to Svatobor hill again. The trail 4 km long starts at city square near to Information center, then red marking trail and orange marking trail - "web of Sušice" leads you via streets Klostermannova and Pod Svatoborem to a gazebo "Scheinostovo zátiší".

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6.4km: Glass factory in Annín

Glass factory and village Annín was founded by Muller of Vatětice in 1796. It was originally a factory producing crystal glass and small glass prayer beads.

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8km: Castle Kašperk

High above the village Kašperské Hory you can see the contours of castle Kašperk. The two towers of castle Kašperk are very distinct and are viewable from far. The castle was build in the 14th century by Charles IV to protect the gold mines and the gold routes in the area.
The castle is located at a strategic spot along the Bohemian-Bavarian border in former times.

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8.2km: Mountain synagogue

Since 1883, it has been a house of prayer for more than 200 citizens of Jewish faith, later a carpenter’s workshop, and even a warehouse for used truck tires...

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9km: Castle Rabí

The castle Rabí is the largest castle ruin of Bohemia and lies about 8 kilometers north of Sušice on a hill above the river Otava.
It is a very old castle that was first mentioned in the 12th century, however no one knows how old it really is.

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9.4km: Castle Velhartice

Velhartice Castle was built in the 13th century. It majestically overlooks romatic valley, sorrounded by Bohemian Forest. The castle is also famous for its owner Bušek of Velhartice, chamberlain to king and emperor Charles IV. Today´s look might visitors surprised by its romantic atmosphere or its unusual defence system.

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12km: Fairy-tale cottage Mlázovy

Come have fun and be scared a little. A fairy-tale cottage in Mlázovy invites all lovers of fairy tales, ghosts and fairy creatures.

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12.5km: Natural park Prašivice

Natural park - Prašivice forest is near by small town Nalžovské Hory. It´s a romantic place and it has own secrets behind its origin. What the forest trail will offer you?

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13.9km: Nature trail Vydra valley

An educational path along the Vydra river starts at Čenkova pila and brings you to Rokyta (there is a parking lot) or to Antýgl.
The red trail is long aprox. 7 km and offers you several stops with information boards

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15.2km: Ruins of the Prácheň castle

The small ruins of Prácheň castle are situated at the top of the hill above the Otava river. Its role acted as the Slavonic fortified settlement and finished at the end of the 13th century.

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16.9km: Archeological village Prášily

Archeological village Prášily - What life was like for the Celts. The archeological village in Prášily gives you more information about life of the former inhabitants of the area - the Celts.

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