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tachov_1.jpgThe environment of Tachov was already inhabited at about 8000 B.C. In the 12th century Tachov was first mentioned in a document. In the 13th century the with city walls surrounded royal city was shaped.

The city walls are still present and belong to the best preserved ones in Bohemia. Not only the city walls are certainly a visit worth, the whole historical center is proclaimed a monument.

In the former Franciscan monastery the Regional Museum is situated. In the museum you can find interesting cultural and natural historical exhibitions.


During the 15th century the Hussiets and their Catholic opponents have fought out 3 fierce fights. Nowadays the victory over the Catholics is celebrated once every 5 years during the Hussiets festival in Tachov. Also the Hussiets monument is a reminder of this period.

In 1945 all German speakers were expelled from Tachov and the rest of the Czech Republic. In the vicinity of Tachov uranium was found and mining was started. The city then became populated by adventurers from several countries like Romania and Ukraine. This is why Tachov has become a melting pot of different cultures.

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Regionální informační centrum
nám. Republiky 119 347 01
tel:(+420) 374 723 740

Places of interest

13km: Beer spa Chodová Planá

Real Beer Baths are an original curative spa therapy combining remedial effects of warm mineral water, beer, ingredients for brewing beer, products of the brewing process and classical as well as special massages. Besides the fact that is it healthy it is also a lot of fun to spend some time in the spa for relaxation.
Address: pravé Pivní lázně®, Pivovarská 107, 348 13 Chodová Planá | More info on:

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20.1km: Church sv. Petra a Pavla

The church of Saint Peter and Paul in Svojšín dates from the midlle of the 12th century. The impressive tower was in the past on the second floor connected to the fortified homestead beside the church. As well as the tower some walls on the north side of the Baroque nave are still preserved from the original building.

Address: Kostel sv. Petra a Pavla, 349 01 Svojšín

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26.8km: Hornický skanzen

The mining museum Hornický skanzen in Stříbro is partly an open air museum. The museum is the result of the hard work of lots of volunteers. Along the trail you can see all sorts of artifacts which were used in the mines here in Stříbro and all artifacts are accompanied by an information board which give information, also in English.

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27.6km: Kladruby monastery

Established by Prince Vladislav I in 1115, the Benedictine monastery at Kladruby was set into a sparsely settled landscape inhabited by Slavonic population.The most striking part of the monastery is the Baroque-Gothic church. The church is located south of the old convent, on the eastern side of the old prelate.

Address: Klášter Kladruby, 34961 Kladruby u Stříbra | Opening hours: may-sep Tu-Su 9:00h-17:00h, jun-aug Tu-Su 9:00h - 17:00h.

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