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Go for a walk

schoen_1.jpgHiking is a favorite activity in the Czech Republic. In every village you will find direction markers of walking trails. There are good hiking maps available at the local bookstores and at the tourist information centers. At the tourist information centers you can also get descriptions of short trails, which are usually also marked trails.

Šumava National Park has hundreds of kilometers of marked pathways which connect all interesting places in the park. Much attention has been given by the park authorities to the wishes of the walkers:
  • At the parkinglots in the park you will find information boards with overviews of the walking paths in the vicinity;
  • There are 8 educational pathways developed in the park. These are very popular because they lead you past the most beautiful and interesting places of the park and they give you lots of information about the sights on the route;
  • Beside the perfect marked walkings trails there are even many hundreds of kilometers of paths without markings;
  • The real adventurer can make trips making use of GPS and map and compass;
  • During the winter it is a perfect area for snow walking.
herfst_bos_1.jpgThrough the park rides a so called Green Bus. This bus, co-financed by the European Union, uses bio-diesel as fuel and it connects all the popular places in the park. It is the perfect means of transportation for walkers because you do not have to end at your starting point. You can find more information about the timetable of the bus service on

The perfect time to visit Šumava for a walking trip is definitely autumn break when the abundance of colors of the mixed forest is at its peak but also in springtime when nature wakens from the long winter and everything turns green again is very suitable for a walking vacation.

A visit to Šumava is certainly a must for every passionate walker!