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Grosse Arber(D)

Actual Snowheight
Altitude of the ski centre1050-1456 metres
Number of blue ski slopes 3
Number of red ski lopes 4
Number of black skislopes2
Total kilometres of skislopes5
Total kilometres cross countrytracks 90
Snowboard facilitiesYes
Price indication 1 person 6-day pass€ 120,- (2960 Kč)

Just over the border with Germany, only a few kilometres from Železna Ruda is the biggest ski area of the Bavarian Forest. This area is a real skiing paradise and only a few kilometres from the Czech Republic.

You can combine these marvellous skiing posibilities with the excellent but certainly less expensive accomodations of the Czech Republic. In that way you can get the best of both.


The skiing area has a total of 5 kilometres of ski slopes with several challenges for each level of skier. One of the ski slopes is illuminated during the evening.


The very extensive skiing area also has great snowboard facilities. There are several steel pipe frames from which the experienced snowboarder can make the most beautiful jumps.
Also for the non-skier the area of the Grosse Arber has a lot to offer. There are several beautiful winter hiking paths that are marked.